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19 May

‘Deadpool 2’: Everything is bigger this time, matching his mouth, but not quite as fresh


“Deadpool” is back, and with all the irreverence of the last silly slap. But where the original was so uproariously self-deprecating, scintillatingly scatological and fresher than a boatload of day scallops, the part deux follow-up feels more like daily gruel. That’s something of a deeper disappointment because it’s helmed by stunt-dude turned action director David Leitch, who scored big with “John Wick” (2014) and “Atomic Blonde” (2017), but here seems content to simply extenuate what came before. The same happened with fellow Marvel upstart “Guardians of the Galaxy” (it’s from the Marvel Comics Universe under Disney, versus 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment doing “Deadpool” and “X-Men”) and its sequel, a clear issue with the genre – brand something in a new and ingenious way, get the fans fired up and then keep feeding them what they know and desire until they gag on it. Then it’s back to the drawing board for a reboot or the next super franchise idea. Continue reading

Labor Day

2 Feb

‘Labor Day’: Escaped convict very handy in the kitchen, handsy with his captive

By Tom Meek
January 30, 2014


A good meal can solve a lot of things. Leftovers, mixed with canned goods from the pantry, can sate as well – but not so much here in Jason Reitman’s uneven romantic hash chock full of disparate parts, stock elements and daubs of cliche.

013014i Labor Day

Reitman arrived as a quirky indie director with his acerbic big tobacco satire “Thank You for Smoking” (2005) and held the line steadfast with “Juno” (2007) and “Up in the Air” (2009). Even “Young Adult” (2011) bore his droll, punchy fingerprint, which is why “Labor Day” is such a puzzler, a change-up royale and a by-the-numbers affair that lacks air, style or wit.  Continue reading