My Super Ex-Girlfriend

20 Mar

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

The female Superman

By TOM MEEK  |  July 31, 2006

Uma Thurman seems to have fun with all her roles, even as the battered wife in the Kill Bill series. Here she gets to flutter about in fluff as G-Girl, the female equivalent of Superman — a bespectacled nerd turned lithe anatomical anomaly when jetting to the rescue of mortals. In her Jenny Johnson persona she falls for Matt (Luke Wilson), a screwball suit, when he attempts to retrieve her purse from a thief. They have super sex (the bed goes through the wall), but Jenny/G-Girl grows needy, controlling, and jealous. All of which comes to a boil when Matt’s perky co-worker Hannah (the always game Anna Faris) factors into the picture. Assault with a shark and super stalking follow. The plot’s never too deep or inspired, but director Ivan Reitman’s been down this path before with the likes of Ghostbusters, and he knows when to let his talent take the reins. These three give it their all, and they forge a comic synergy that’s on, even when the material isn’t.


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